About the Department of Culture and Humanities

Exploring people’s lives and ways of living

2014学科・卒論とおししかWhen we talk about lifestyle, we don’t just mean food, clothing and housing, we also mean the various elements that make up our living environment. In particular, in our present society that has become more complex, sophisticated and internationalized, work, family and consumer behavior has become more diverse, society has aged and the birth rate has decreased, mental stress has increased, and involvement in the legal system has become routine etc, and consequently the close integration of all these things has caused a change in our lifestyle. Thus in order to solve problems surrounding lifestyle, we have to leave the traditional framework of study, and seek the powers of analysis from a more multifaceted approach. In the study of culture and humanities, we arrange small group tutorials where each individual student can focus more intensely on her area of interest by offering classes that expand over a large variety of academic fields and by doing this we produce a workforce that can contribute to the advancement of culture and humanities.

Considering culture and humanities (people’s lifestyles) from diverse perspectives

生活文化ポスター-1The daily lives of human beings are based on interpersonal relationships in the family and in the region they live, and through architecture, clothing, food, the environment, information or through the consumer behavior associated with them, social systems such as law and economics, medical and welfare systems etc are developed.
Research into and the education of cultures and humanities mainly embraces research methods used in sociology and the Humanities. By reviewing our daily lives and society and by considering things around us and familiar to us, we can discuss in depth problem areas and search for policies to resolve them.
And finally, just as fabrics are woven, by adding a historical prospective to the comparison of cultures, a more flexible and diverse way of thinking is cultivated.